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Our Games

Companions’ Tale

Companions’ Tale is a story and mapmaking game. The players take on the roles of Companions and tell the story of a hero. The hero is a cipher who is viewed through the opinionated lens of the Companions that the players control. Create the Hero’s journey and learn: Who is your hero?

Loga et Dus

A crime procedural set in a novel pseudo-renaissance city governed by a unique set of legal practitioners who must cooperate to solve major crimes. A hack of Lady Blackbird. (Coauthored with Jeremy Morgan.)

The Dance and the Dawn

A game for 3-5 players, played over a chessboard. One player plays the part of the Narrator (and will control the Duke and Queen, as well as several Lords), and the other players will each control one of the Ladies. The game is a bit of a fairy tale and a bit of a puzzle: each Lady is trying to determine the character of the various Lords, and must pick one at the end of the game.

Driving to Reunion

An inter-generational game about four Black women trying to understand each other, as they drive back for college reunion. Part of the #Feminism anthology: "Written by feminists from eleven different countries, #Feminism offers bite-sized takes on contemporary feminist issues. Each of the 34 nano-games in this collection requires between three and five participants, simple (if any) props, and up to an hour of play time."

Space Hunters

A bounty hunting expansion to the Vast & Starlit collection of microgames about space-faring rogues. In just over 500 words, you’ll establish thematic tones of Gravity and Velocity as you follow your bounty hunters through new quarries, new plots, and new dangers.

About Us

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is the author of Companions' Tale and Driving to Reunion. With her expertise in interaction design and interactive art, Laura brings a formal design process and a dedication to frequent iteration to her game projects.

Dev Purkayastha

Dev Purkayastha is the author of The Dance and the Dawn and Loga et Dus. Dev’s work draws upon a variety of inspirational source material, such as pop music, space opera and video game culture.